This anthology of original dark poetry, hymns and dirges is a historical text, a memoir and a book of prophecy, all at once. The work has been refined through the years and is intended
for mature, open-minded audiences only.

The first chapter of the book is largely based on accounts of histories that have been reimagined as experiences. A lot of the subject matter deals with pre-existing phenomena that has existed since the beginning of recorded time. This is a chapter about the rich potential present in beginnings.

The second chapter, The Festering, is largely an attempt to immortalize the events in the life of the author. This collection is very personal and may not make sense to some; it should not have to. In this regard, not all interpretations of the poetry may be correct or accurate. Do not attempt to decide that this collection will explain who the author is.

The third and final chapter is based on prophecies about the future. They tell what will happen when the end comes and the Great Mother Dragon rises from her watery slumber. The chapter also deals with apocalypse and day-of-reckoning type prophecies from a variety of other cultures.